Her rights! Money, power, autonomy! New exhibition and communication material about women’s rights

Women’s economic empowerment is necessary for global sustainable development. Still, all over the world women earn less and do most of the unpaid care work. If we are to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to empower women in the economy and close gender gaps. But progress is unacceptably slow. 카지노사이트

In 2020, twenty-five years after the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, UN Women gathered countries, multilateral organisations and civil society organisations to join six action coalitions aiming to achieve tangible results during the UN Decade of Action (2020–2030).

The toolkit “Her rights! Money, power, autonomy” builds on Sweden’s involvement in one of these action coalitions, for ‘Economic justice and rights’. The aim of the material is to show Sweden’s commitment and engaged efforts to contribute to global gender equality and to open up for dialogue about this important subject. It is available on Sharing Sweden, SI’s webbsite with information and tools for presenting Sweden abroad.

A lot of progress has been made in the last few decades, but there are still stubborn barriers and inequalities that hold women back across Europe. And the pandemic has shown how easily the hard-won gains can be lost, leaving women worst hit by unemployment and poor working conditions, and more vulnerable than ever to domestic violence.

For the S&Ds, women’s rights and gender equality are crucial – we cannot achieve the Europe we want to if we leave half the population behind.

The EU can lead the world on women’s rights and gender equality,  and the S&Ds will lead the way.

Equality between women and men is a fundamental right recognised in the Treaty of Rome of 1957 and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. 바카라사이트 Although the EU has adopted many texts to promote equal opportunities, ensure fair treatment for men and women, and combat all forms of discrimination, nowhere near enough progress has been made and women still face many daily inequalities. The S&D Group wants an inclusive and equal Europe for everyone. There is still a long way to go.

We are fighting for a coherent and ambitious strategy for gender equality, tackling persisting inequalities through a holistic approach and defending women’s rights in the EU. Raising awareness is not enough: equality must be at the core of all European policies and in all the Commission’s work.

Key issues for us include closing the gender pay and pension gap, defending women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, getting women on boards and in top decision-making roles, putting the Work-Life Balance Directive into action, fighting trafficking and sexual and labour exploitation, and stamping out violence against women.

You may have noticed the word “feminism” cropping up frequently in recent news stories: Hillary Clinton’s presidential run; the poorly-reported-then-entirely-retracted UVA rape story; Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination trial; women’s clothing in comic books. Gamers, young actors, and purveyors of tasty ice cream all find themselves grappling with the place of feminism in discourse both high and low: Is this a feminist issue? Is that? Are feminist values being upheld? Are feminists ruining everything? 온라인카지

There is, of course, a need to discuss feminism, and an even greater need to get people on board with the idea of feminism — I don’t doubt that these conversations are necessary. It’s just that the older I get (and I am, if you ask my children, pretty old), the more this reality baffles and angers me. Because there is no human activity that is not about feminism.

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