Her rights! Money, power, autonomy! New exhibition and communication material about women’s rights

Women’s economic empowerment is necessary for global sustainable development. Still, all over the world women earn less and do most of the unpaid care work. If we are to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to empower women in the economy and close gender gaps. But progress is unacceptably slow. 카지노사이트 In 2020, twenty-five … Read more

The Fight for Women’s Rights in the Past and Present

The meaning of “women’s rights” has varied through time and across cultures. Today, there is still a lack of consensus about what constitutes women’s rights. Some would argue a woman’s ability to control family size is a fundamental women’s right. Others would argue women’s rights fall under workplace equality or the chance to serve in … Read more

Distance learning: challenges and opportunities

As school suspension due to COVID-19 is being prolonged in many countries, technology is currently the only means by which we can reach out to our students. Therefore, we need to reconsider when, where and how learning happens and adapt our methodological approach. 카지노사이트 Besides some essential software such as a web conferencing tool to organise live … Read more